Retrun & Refunds

1.Return and refund application conditions

  • The wrong item was sent.
  • The actual goods are too different from the description.
    (Note: In addition to the main performance indicators of the product, due to different production batches, the style and appearance details of accessories may be different from the photos on the website, and the actual received goods shall prevail)
  • The received goods are damaged due to logistics and transportation.
  • After negotiation with customer service, return the goods for a refund.
  • no responsibility to regret the return.

2. The time to return and exchange the goods if the customer regrets the purchase

Before the goods are sent to the international logistics and the tracking number is generated, the customer has the right to return and exchange the goods without responsibility. (1-3 days)

3. Time limit for accepting returns

  • In(1-3 work days),The order production period, before the goods are dispatched or the waybill number is generated .Contact our staff via email or chat to request a refund and we will stop shipping and refund the order.
  • In(2-3 work days),After the goods are issued and the waybill number is generated. Contact our staff via email or chat to explicitly request a refund.We will contact the logistics company to stop the shipment.After successfully stopping the shipment, we will accept a refund after compensating for the cost incurred by the logistics company.
  • In(3-5 work days),After the goods are issued and the waybill number is generated. Contact our staff via email or chat to explicitly request a refund.We will contact the logistics company to stop the shipment.If the goods has not been blocked.We will no longer accept liability-free refunds.
  • If the goods are dispatched from a Chinese warehouse,and customers will be responsible for the logistics and customs duties incurred due to returns. 
  • If the goods are dispatched from a you cuntries warehouse,
    You have a max of 5 natural day to make returns. You must send back and postmark your return packages within 5 natural days after the purchase date. No returns made after 15 natural days from the purchase date will be accepted.

4.Can I return an item if it is worn or damaged or the label has been removed?

  • You can only return unused, undamaged and undamaged items. Comes with original label/packaging with hygienic sticker intact.
  • The following items cannot be returned or exchanged: Customized specification products.
  • Items and freebies marked with a non-returnable symbol cannot be returned.

5. How long will it take to receive a refund

      We will accept the customer's request for refund and return, and after receiving the returned goods, refund to the original payment account within 2 working days.

6. The measures to be taken to return

      Before returning the product, please contact our after-sales staff by email to clarify the reason and request for the return. Please do not return it yourself without contacting us.

7. Who will bear the freight when returning the goods

      Except for returns within the no-responsibility return period, and returns due to wrong shipments and product defects, the seller shall bear the cost. The rest of the return request will require the buyer to bear the return shipping and customs duties.

8. Contact information for refunds and returns

      Please email our service email:




      1. If you have any quality problems (excluding wearing parts) during the 6-month warranty period, we will provide you with the parts that need to be replaced for free, only for ESC, remote control, battery, motor, charger. But need to charge shipping. In the event of any malfunctions or broken parts during the ride, we will send the parts to you and guide you until we can help you solve the problem.

      2. If after the 6-month warranty period, you can buy the parts that need to be replaced in our store. We will then provide technical guidance until we can help you resolve the issue.


      1. If you find that your electric skateboard is faulty, please contact us first, and we will tell you how to deal with it. Do not try to fix it by yourself or we will not continue the warranty!

      2. Any act of disassembly and modification will be regarded as a waiver of the warranty policy.

If you have any comments about Vestar electric skateboards, be sure to contact us and let us know where we can improve. We are always looking for inspiration for our next generation product designs

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