Brand story

As early as 2016, co-founder frank discovered a magical means of transportation - electric skateboards in Shenzhen China. It's portable, fast, and 100% attention-grabbing. It is very suitable for short-distance commuting and travel in the city. The adventurous young people are deeply in love with this magical vehicle, and they are looking around where they can buy it.

Finally in 2017, frank began to try to produce electric skateboards, but the electric skateboard technology at that time was not perfect, and it was not easy for you to ride it safely and easily.

By 2018, the co-founder Paul officially joined the team. Paul is an engineer with 17 years of product development experience. His arrival has carried out a new upgrade for the company's electric skateboard product technology.
And re-established a brand culture with product technology as the guide and quality as the premise.

As of October 2018, the upgraded electric skateboard was launched under the brand new Vestar brand.

Today, vestar electric skateboards have tens of thousands of Vestar riders all over the world, who enjoy the convenience and joy brought by vestar skateboards every day. It has become part of the knights' lives.


Vestar Skateboard Manufacturing Company was officially established in 2018, after more than three years of hard work.
It has developed from a small start-up company with 2 people to a manufacturing enterprise with dozens of people, integrating R&D, design, production, and promotion and sales.
And in the continuous growth and expansion.




Through our independent brand official website, we sell brand skateboards designed and produced by ourselves.
It also continues to expand sales channels by cooperating with physical distributors around the world.
As a manufacturing enterprise, we accept OEM and ODM orders from commercial customers. All partners in need are welcome to contact and cooperate.