Vestar Electric Skateboards Collection

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Electric Skateboard with Remote

Electric skateboards with remotes are in vogue today as they are super trendy, fun to ride, and offer a fast and innovative way of transportation. Electric skateboards are extremely easy to use. The only difference between an electric skateboard and a traditional skateboard is the electric motor, which is powered by a handheld remote. 

Electric skateboards offer a green alternative to gas-fueled vehicles. They are perfect for short commutes. You can ride them to the office and school every day or pick up groceries from a nearby store.

The best electric skateboards with remotes can travel up to 40 mph when powered by batteries. Due to their short battery life, they should only be used for brief excursions. By plugging them into a regular outlet, electric skateboards can be recharged. An electric skateboard is a great transportation option if you're looking for something environmentally friendly.

They don't emit any emissions and are enjoyable to ride. Reduce your carbon footprint by using the best electric skateboard with a remote.


Why are remotes required for electric skateboards?

Modern skateboards are controlled via a hand-held remote. Electric skateboards with remotes are easier to control and navigate. Hand-held remotes allow you to easily control the speed of the remote, apply brakes, and change direction. Without a remote, operating an electric skateboard would be challenging. You can easily travel at any speed and halt whenever you want. Overall, you can easily control an electric skateboard with a remote and keep it going in the right direction. 


How do they work?

Remote controls for electric skateboards work by signaling the board's motor to turn on. To communicate with the board, the remote sends a wireless radio signal, and most boards have several speed settings that can be changed using the remote. Brakes and turning signals are additional features that can be managed by the remote. 


What to look for when buying electric skateboard remotes?

Durability: Look for remote controls that have a robust body. This will safeguard the remote from drops and bumps. It will also ensure the optimal condition of the remote for a longer period. 

Simple to use: Remotes should be easy to use with advanced features, rather than just a throttle to change speed and movement. Knowing the skateboard's battery status or how fast you are going, for instance, will be useful. 

Ergonomic design: It is wise to pick a design that is both handy and ergonomic. We also advise you to purchase a lanyard. The remote is fastened to your wrist with this cord-like attachment to prevent it from breaking if it slips from your grasp.  


Electric skateboards for adults have become quite popular and are in demand. Remotes are an important part of modern electric skateboards, allowing you to navigate and control them. Without an electric skateboard remote, you are not going anywhere, so you might want to take care of it. Consider Vestar Skateboards if you are looking for electric skateboards with remotes nearby.