Vestar Mini-Super Portable Electric Skateboard Best for City Commuting

by frank wong on Oct 01, 2019

Vestar Mini-Super Portable Electric Skateboard Best for City Commuting - Vestar Skateboards

Ultra-Portable Electric Skateboard for City Commuting

Introducing the Vestar Mini 


Fall is upon us. The sky is blue, the crisp breeze in your face; this is the season to take it all in before winter is upon us. Our Vestar Mini is the perfect travelling companion. Allow us to share some of the features of the all new Mini.

Deep Concave and Maple Deck

With a concave deck and kicktail, Vestar Mini is capable of achieving greater maneuverability than a longboard. We believe you will find the Mini to be an exhilarating and practical way to commute “the last mile”.

vestar mini

Powerful and Quiet

650W * 2 Ultra-High Power belt Motors provide Vestar Mini with the torque and fast  acceleration

 Vestar mini

Take It With You

Vestar Mini is ultra-portable. It weighs only 6.15kg/13.5lb, so you can carry it under your arm; to the bus, the subway - wherever you go, take it with you. We have also integrated a handle into the kicktail for enhanced portability.

 Vestar mini

Good Range for City Commute

Even we call it Mini, it stills has 10-15mils Range (75kg rider, 30km/h speed on a flat road).

Vestar mini

Metal Battery and ESC Case

Newly customized metal battery and ESC case are strong and stable; The battery and ESC are fully protected within this streamlined package.

vestar mini

How about our Vestar mini-board? it is appreciated to leave your comments! 


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